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Hi. I’m Bingyang, founder of Life First Advisory Management Group.
You might be wondering about me and why I’m qualified to do what I do.

Raised here in Singapore by parents who were both teachers, I was an extremely curious kid, and of course my educator parents encouraged that inquisitiveness. To this day, my curiosity and genuine interest in people is part of my success in building lasting relationships with my clients.

I studied finance at NUS Business School. Itwas during those years that I was exposed to the subjectsof wealth and risk management. This led me to pursue an opportunity to work in financial sales eager to start earning my living. As a young man in my early 20s, it was all about making big money. I thought that by simply marrying strong financial knowledge with the right attitude, people would surely flock to me! Boy, was I wrong!

Struggling to make headway in those early years led me to look inward and taught me that I had misunderstood this career. I resolved to invest my timeand income into getting myself professional qualified in the area of people and money.

I learnt in those early days that wealth management isn’t actually about wealth. It’s about people. Money will come in. But it’s about people first and foremostand what people do with (or without) money to achieve all that is important to them in life.

I dedicated myself to providing focused and excellent services to the small clientele I had, helping them get the results they wanted.

Word spread about me and my client-centric approach as my clients told their friends how I was helping them unpack what’s happening out there, and turning the complex world of finance into a form of elegant simplicity. Their friends came to me, and then those friends told their friends.

Our little firm that could grew and grew. Today, we are a team of advisors with a shared vision for providing amazing financial services while building a friendly and fun rapport with our clients.

While most advisors manage money, we choose to focus first on getting into the heart of our clients, and understanding the things in life that you value. This allows us to provide relevant insights, commit our resources to align these goals, and create plans that will satisfy your needs.

We listen to your hopes and dreams, help you to connect your money to your life, andguide you to maximize the probability of achieving all that is important to you.
At Life First Advisory Management Group, we want to work for a lifetime together with our best clients. We envision ourselves as your trusted partner throughout the major stages of life. We also envision that the ‘Life First’ brand will always symbolize “people before sales.”

Whatever your dreams, we will help you get there. Contact us today to learn more.

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