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Since 2015, Chui Laam has taught and engaged over 200 clients to assist them with comprehensive financial planning. Prior to joining the finance industry, she was in the education sector, which taught her to simplify complex ideas so that people can take effective actions to achieve their financial goals.

Chui Laam has a Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Applied Mathematics. The analytical ability she honed in her years of training allows her to successfully help clients structure their financial portfolios so they can retire comfortably in their golden years.

She is also a strong believer in disciplined budgeting. At the young age of 25, she accumulated personal savings of over 6-figures. She now hopes to equip others to do likewise and find their financial freedom early in life.


Before I met Chui Laam, I was not clear of the policies which I bought. Previous agents tried to hardsell policies and I gave in most of the time, resulting in many ‘wrong buys’. During our meetings, Chui Laam explained very clearly and helped me to understand my financial standing. She made everything so so so so much clearer! Chui Laam took time to understand my needs and recommended what is best for me. There was no proper review with my past agents and that made me quite lost, but I am so much clearer and confident to move toward my financial goals.

MOE Teacher

Chui Laam was able to break down the complex policies into simple, easy to understand layman terms. It is the first time purchasing insurance on my own and she made the process as painless as possible. I appreciate how she was not hard-selling but being considerate of my needs.

Operations Controller

Chui Laam thinks of you as more than just her client. She truly looks at these insurance policies to help you have a wholesome portfolio. She is trustworthy and I will not hesitate to engage her for any other insurance needs.


Chui Laam was referred to me by a trusted friend. It was a blessing that Chui Laam lived up to my expectations. She made me feel comfortable around her and it was quite easy to open up to her even on our first meet up. Whenever I have queries, she does her best to explain using illustrations which simplify complicated concepts. She is efficient in her follow-up and went the extra mile for me. Overall, my experience with her is positive and I will not hesitate to recommend her to my friends should they need any financial advice.


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