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Xtina Leong

Hi! I’m Xtina Leong. I remember when I first announced that I was joining the insurance industry, my family and close friends were surprised at my decision.

When most people think of an insurance advisor, they would imagine someone who is extroverted, charming, eloquent and enjoys socializing with many people. On the flip side, I am an introvert who prefers connecting with people in small groups or one-on-one and enjoys listening more than talking.

With time, I realise that many of my clients are also introverts and they always appreciate my attention to detail and thoughtful approach. Fuelled by compassion and a genuine desire to listen to my clients’ wishes and dreams, I personalize my service to each client and guide them throughout the entire process towards their financial goals.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, reading and watching Netflix.


Xtina has been handling my family’s policies for a while now, and she is one of the most sincere and patient persons I have ever worked with. She is also very knowledgeable in many matters. If she is unable give you an answer right away, she will always get back with the information. What I value most about her is that she has my interests at heart and is not pushy. Xtina is always willing to assist her clients whether it be educating them or even accompanying them through the claims process. I look forward to continue working with her.
Mr YS Chan


The personal attention and service rendered by Xtina is rare and you can rest assured that she genuinely cares about her clients’ interest and well-being. She is also extremely accommodating and always willing to assist her clients. I don’t think I can find anyone who would accompany me through every step of my claims process, including seeing the doctor with me. I would definitely recommend Xtina to anyone.
Mdm Yeo ML


Xtina had accompanied my family throughout the claim process and made a couple of trips to the hospital to assist us in obtaining the medical report to submit to the insurance company. Though the claim was not successful, Xtina took the initiative to help us evaluate available options and we were able to get a significant amount while keeping the protection coverage. She definitely goes the extra mile and reassures us that we are in her good hands.
Jeffrey Tan


Xtina is super nice and helpful. She will always explain everything and help me understand the details of my policies. Even if you forget some of the details discussed, she remains patient and will explain everything nicely again. She will also simplify the information that makes it easy to understand. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and client-centric agent to work with, Xtina is your go-to person!
Serene Ng,

Sales Exec

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